Friday, November 30, 2007

I needed a life vest today

Today is definitely not a memorable day. It started off badly when my chain snapped while riding to the track. So, I had to walk back a couple of kilometers to the hotel. Then when I eventually got to the track, freakin' team USA, who i was sharing space with, totally displaced me by moving the Philippine sign to the Porsche Aussie squad, and they in turn buried it somewhere never to be found. So I had no where to park my gear. It's the first time I felt alone here.

So I eventually just tagged along with Magnus. Then, I found out that I left my assos chamois creme at the hotel. Me and the boys just weren't comfortable from then on. And it gets more comical actually.

I got to the start line, and the chief commisaire said I had the wrong numbers on. They issued new numbers in the morning. He asked me if my team manager had them. Nope. I am the team manager, rider, mechanic, a bad one at that, massuer, and oh yeah, I'm riding too. Anyhow, this is the World Cup, the majors of track cycling, and he wasn't going to just let me in with the wrong numbers. So I ran to get the other set of numbers with my cleats on. The race was delayed 5 minutes, which pissed off the other teams.

I ran back, and 3 teams had to help me unpin, re-pin, and, oh, I needed a holder too since I was in the blue line. Japan stepped in to help me and we we're off for my first world cup race. Definitely, not an ideal start. And it went from bad to worse.

I was just spinning in squares-- must have been from all the walking, running. I don't know why but I just had no leg speed. When the attacking started, it was game over for me. Today, I felt like a Saturn car racing against Formula 1 cars. It was my worst track day ever. But, I finished and I tried with what I had today. I wasn't tired, just couldn't turn the pedals. Tomorrow is a new day and I'll try again in the Scratch and Kilo. But, I'm doing the Keirin. No sense in doing it without any leg speed. It would have been dangerous.

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WarrenG said...

No fun. Remember that this is your first go-around at this level. You'll have many more races to sort it out, and we know that you are an excellent learner.

It's not like the other Americans are kickin' butt, and most of them have been there before.

Soak it all in, and try to enjoy the fact that you're there and get to ride with these guys. The results will come.

Brian Peterson said...

The legs WILL come around. This is the first racing you've really done since early October. Scratch and kilo, those are your events. Think Rocky.

d3cycling said...

Team USA are a bunch of squares! Tell them if they touch your stuff again they are not allowed back into Nor Cal for any reason.

Julie Granshaw said...

Hey biscuit! The other biscuit and I are just so proud of how far you've come in such a short time on the track. You've accomplished so much and belong to be where you are now as a result of your efforts. Keep your chin up, believe in yourself, and know your hellyerites are there with you in spirit and are routing for you from the homefront. And if anymore of the USA folks tick you off, do what you did with my carbon wheels - just throw their stuff around! ;). Take care guy and remember to breath. --Julie & Tim

mdeasis said...

Steve - Well, the sun can't be out everyday. Tomorrow is a new day. It's a learning experience. No matter what, you are doing something people only dream about.