Thursday, November 29, 2007

The Day before race day usually the most anxious & stressful day. And generally, the more I think about the race the worse i do. It's best just to kick it and have a lot of laughs. And that's what i did with my new composite team, Team Planet, of Lone Wolf Riders - Magnus Backstedt, 05 Paris Roubaix winner from Sweden, Kate, Commonwealth medalist from Scotland, and Louis, pro rider from Ireland. Our team manager is Martin Mcrossin, commentator for cycling TV and last yrs. Track worlds. He actually represented all of us at the managers meeting. Picked up our numbers and confirmed our entries. It's really cool to have some camaraderie with great riders I've just met.

Initially, I was worried it was going to feel a bit lonely here on my own, but not at all. It's a great community, and that's what I enjoy most about track. You really get to know many good people, cuz there's a lot of downtime b/w workouts, racing. Anyhow, I'm in a good mood since we spent the later part of dinner just telling some jokes, which I'll keep of the blog and will share in person. But one funny story Magnus said was about the Uruguay Madison team.

He said it's going to be a slaughter house for the madison heats. He couldn't believe it when he witnessed one of the Uruguay riders hanging on for dear life on the top railing between turn 1 and 2 in the steepest portion of the banking 42degrees, steep. The coach had to bail the rider from the top stands. Guess the rider was going too slow and freaked out. Can u just imagine it. I know how it must have felt for the Uruguay rider.

Sometimes I feel like I'm going to slide down the bank and take out everyone below me as though I was the bowling bowl and they were the pins. And it'll be an embarrassing strike and I'll get my butt kicked off the track. Yup, I would grab the rails too rather than slide down. Wish i had a picture of the blooper moment.

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