Sunday, November 25, 2007

Sink or Swim

I've always jumped into the deep end with alot of the things I've done in life. This Olympic pursuit is just another challenge I hope to rise up to.

One thing is for sure, i couldn't have done this on my own. There are so many people i'm forever grateful for their suppoprt and generosity. Robbie, Brian, Matias, Bill, Tim, Altamarano have all hooked me up with the equipment I need so i don't look so ghetto against the competition. Then there's Taylor, my chiropractor; Jay, head of IO-USA, altitide simulation, Mark, massage therapist and Vlad, my Olympic gold medalist Belarusan coach, who make sure I'm firing on all cyclinders. They make sure I'm physically in top shape.

There's my national coach, Jomel, who's taken care of my racing logistics and has warmly welcomed me into the National team. Then there's my great business partner, Ray, who's a great moral and financial support to this exciting adventure. As he says "Its just another validation that we have still not seen the best that life can offer." To do this at my not so young age, married, 2 children, a business to run, a mortgage to pay, well, it's all a bonus and proves that life does get better with age.

And most of all, i could not do this without my family's support. My aunts, cousins, my mom, and brothers have all given me so incredible support. I owe so much to them. And most of all, I owe everything to Jenna and the kids. They give me the courage and strenght to pursue this dream.

Sink or swim? Well with all the help i've been fortunate enough to receive, i feel like i'm already floating. Thank you everyone!

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Matt said...

Steve - You have an incredible crew and a lot of people cheering and supporting you. I don't think sinking is an option.

WarrenG said...

Steve, you have come a long way this season. Your huge desire to learn and race better took you from a guy trying to win local events in June to Masters National champion in August, and then some great rides at Elite Nat's in October.

You have made us proud to know you and race with you. Good luck over there, and we'll look forward to seeing you race in LA.

Remember: position, speed, and save a little something for turn 3!

Shawn said...

Steve, I'm rooting for you 100%. You're a great person and your attitude and values have radiated far and wide touching those who have been lucky enough to meet and get to know you. All the best brotha!

-shawn h. (montanovelo)