Sunday, December 2, 2007

Managing Expectations

A friend told me that more athletes see a sports psychologist about managing unrealistic expectations than any other problem. I think I may need to see one after this Sydney World Cup.

I should have been more realistic with my expectations. Oh, there goes gravity, back to reality. But, I'm glad to have had this learning experience, and now that it's over, I have a renewed commitment to work even harder at improving my game for the next round in LA. It's a whole new level at the World Cups but it's manageable. I'll have 3 more shots at goal but I need to focus more than on just endurance events. At this level, I need to specialize in the points and scratch races only.

After the racing was all over, my new adopted teammates, Team Global, and I just kicked it at the hotel bar and kept the pints flowing. It's been fun hanging with Maggy, Supermac, Princes Louis, and Cakein. You can race alone but it's very hard. I'm really glad I met a great group of people. And together we helped each other through the racing and logistics, and had we had a blast.

It was crazy getting to the airport this Monday morning. Everyone's bikes were picked up at the velodrome last night, and dropped off at the airport. Imagine trucks loaded with boxes of Look, and BT bikes being dropped at the curbside without the riders. There were probably a million dollars worth of equipment just sitting there. Amazingly, the teams look out for each other and we all got our equipment.

I just got rooted (bad Aussie word) by Thai Airlines. Since I'm not flying to the great US of A, I was charged $20 per kilo over 30 kilos. I paid $1200. INSANE! Better fly my bags first class for that. Anyhow, now, I'm off to Thailand for the SEA Games. Wish me luck.

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joshkadis said...

Don't sweat Sydney, just go to the SEA Games and DO WORK SON!

Alden said...

steve - just do your best, learn lots, and have fun. we're all proud of you on this side of the pond.

mdeasis said...

Steve...I am sure everyone who goes to their first world cup doesn't get it the first time around. I know its a litle hard but learn from your experience in Sydney and go back to work tomorrow. If it wasn't for you and your hard work, there is a charity who wouldn't be doing so good right now.