Wednesday, December 5, 2007


...Rolled out the red carpets for the SEA Games. After a long flight from Sydney I was greeted by the Thai Federation at baggage claim. An army of helpers, picked up all my bags and carted it down to a reception lounge, where food and drinks were provided. Then we were driven by chartered bus to the Athletes Village in Korat. The movie, Beowulf was played on the bus. Thought this movie was still out in the theaters.

There's a security point check-in before you can enter the athlete's village. It's not as strip down tight like airport security, but the guards are armed and there are German Shepard bomb sniffing dogs. It's alarming, but generally, it feels safe here among the 5k+ Asian athletes/coaches. There are more sporting events here compared to the Olympics. I'm meeting a lot of great athletes in boxing, rugby, tennis, swimming, and the world champion billiards team. I'm hoping to pick up some tips to improve my sorry game.

The housing is dorm style rooms but the fridges are stocked full of water, cokes, and my favorite recovery drink- Nestle chocolate milk. Score.

The dining hall is all you can eat Thai food. There's a hot Thai food section and a Not hot section. I didn't read the signs on the first day and ate some scorching food. My mouth is still on fire from the Thai chilies I ate.

The venues are state of the art facilities. The velodrome is way cool. Each team has their own locker rooms and shower rooms. And Thailand has provided us with a team bus similar to the ones the pro riders use in the Tour. There is a shower room/ bathroom/ and a pimped out disco ball to boot. I love Thailand! Now I gotz to go for my Thai massage.....

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