Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Taxi Cab Confessions

My SEA games trip is over and it's now time for some R&R with Jenna in Bangkok. She has already checked into the Four Seasons, and is enjoying the luxury treatment and brief time to herself without the kids. She hasn't had time just to herself for the past 3.5 yrs, so this is a welcome relief. I owe her big time.

On my cab ride from the airport to the hotel, the cab driver was keen to point out all the shopping districts, and offered to drive me around to some bargain places. No, thank you. I hate shopping and I'm hoping that Jenna has already done this before I arrive. But what I want is a spa treatment. And when I mentioned this to the cab driver, his head spun around like in the Exorcist. Just like in the movie, he gave me that fiendish smile and said, "Weeally (it's really, but Thais cannot pronounce the r)..yah yah, i know vewy good place, you like go now..weelax and be wery happy." I'm sure you do. I think he was disappointed I declined the offer. Interestingly, it was at the Four Seasons in Bangkok a few year back, pre-kids, where we picked up a taxi to go to an upscale spa but somehow ended up in the shady red light district. These things happen here since there's a lot of kickback for bringing customers for shopping and/or the happy ending massages.

Remember the BeeGees song, "One night in Bangkok, makes the world your oyster, and if your lucky she's a he." It's crazy how many beautiful women are not really women. If they are too perfect then "she's a he." One night in Bangkok is all I need to spend in Thailand then I'm off to Manila.

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