Monday, April 14, 2008

HiBaller of the Week - April 7-14

Please submit your vote on the comments section and give your reason (if you want)! Anyone who is not a Cat 1 or District/National Champ is eligible for the award.

The weekly award is a 4 pack of HiBall + something else. Weekly votes count towards the overall prize of:

$250 cash minimum
$500 worth of HiBall products


WarrenG said...

Alex Millar has been sprinting at the track for at least a couple years now. At race after race his 200mTT times have been in the 12.6 to 12.8 range, but this year he has come out firing and he has been consistently near 12.3 at the sprint tournaments. Alex is 58 years old-adjusted for age that's like an "elite" age guy going near 11.0. That's what I call a "breakthrough performance".

Shelley-O said...

I would like to vote for the junior, Dylan Drummond. The kid has so much fight in him out at the track. He never quits no matter what. I've seen him win prime laps against stiff competition. I think he's going to be a super-star on the track.