Sunday, April 6, 2008

Headwind Award presented by Hi*Ball

I read once that you should never dream like a bank manager, who assesses your worth based only on your REALIZED potential. The greater part of all of us is our UNREALIZED potential. Therefore, this award is for the male and female Hellyer Trackies who are trying to make the leap and breakthrough the winner's podium, but haven't yet done so. I personally want to encourage these riders to persist as they strive to achieve their goals. As I've finally realized, progress is nonlinear. A lot of times it seems there is nothing but a headwind, but keep trying, and never give up. Inevitably, you'll catch your tailwind. In the meantime, have a Hi*Ball-- it's good energy (way better than red bull).

Overall Prize:
  1. Cash award (minimum of $250 - max - tbd)
  2. Headwind Winner Jersey
  3. Cases of Hi*Ball Energy Drink ($500 value, enough drinks for a kick a@@ party)
  4. Schwag - Tires, Shirts, Caps, etc.
How it works:
There will be 1 Male and 1 Female winner for the season long contest. The season will run from April to August. The winners will be voted in by your Hellyer peers on a weekly basis. The overall winner will be the top male and female trackise who receive the most votes over the entire season. But, the weekly winners will be rewarded with a nice cold Hi*Ball 4 pack + other goodies.

This award is only for those who have not YET made the leap. Cat 1's, district, or national champions are NOT eligible. Let's give others a chance to win.

I hope everyone from Hellyer participates in this contest. I'll setup a weekly voting link on my blog every Thursday morning. Post your votes in the comments section by Sunday before the next weekly series race. I will keep track of all votes and will announce the weekly winners every Monday night on my blog and the Hellyer/NCVA google groups.

One last word:
This Award is for every person who keeps spinning his or her wheels against a headwind but is still dreaming of one day making the leap-- no matter what level. Winning is not simply about who crosses the finish line first. The victory line can be anything and for this award, it's for those who persist.


Shelley-O said...

I love it Steve. It's a beautiful concept.

Things like this can have a lasting affect on aspiring athletes and I am happy to be a part of it.

Look for votes from me every week.

Thanks Steve.


panda jones said...

Great! A popularity contest! Who will win???

Steve Pelaez said...

Thanks Shelley-O. Glad you like it. Make sure to leave a new quotes for each one of your votes.

d3cycling said...

Where do we vote and when does voting start?

Beth said...

my vote for this week goes for team shawn hatfield

alicia said...

I vote for Shawn Hatfield and Beth Newell this week. Awesome idea!

-Alicia Arnold